Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Update

The hull of the Pintail is about 85% complete. 

Spent Saturday sanding a little more, applying the last coat of epoxy and letting that cure overnight. Sunday I started in early scuffing the last coat of epoxy and putting the Gator Glide Gator Base primer on.

I had a little help, so the three coats went on quick and easy. The Gator Glide came with very detailed instructions as well as some YouTube links about applying the base and paint, so I felt pretty confident going into the process. Here is my Benny Hill style video of the beginning of the process.

I am really glad I got the primer on yesterday, since it has decided to go all cats and dogs today.

Plan for the week is to get the Gator Glide G4 paint applied after letting the base cure for 48 hours. Then it'll be time to:
  • wash out the inside while the boat is still upside-down (drainage)
  • re-coat the inside/cockpit with two coats of resin
  • paint inside/cockpit of boat (haven't decided on a paint yet)
  • re-finish & reinstall handles & hardware
  • flip boat, 2 coats resin on deck, paint deck (haven't decided on a paint yet)
  • install new shock cord through grommets
  • go duck hunting
I have about a week and a half left to finish this up...Not nervous yet. I should be able to bang out the rest of this fairly quickly, as I have learned a lot from completely re-doing the hull.

Here's how she sits with the primer job complete. There are a couple spots that need to be evened out, but that should be no big deal.

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